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My style for shooting weddings is often described as photojournalism meets a fashion shoot. Photographs are like a finger print and every photographer makes their own unique mark. No two marks are ever exactly the same. My mark draws from fashion magazines & architecture and adds in dramatic flair. It swirls understated elegance with bold intention and blends in your smiles, your happy tears, your laughter, your gushes and blushes... all of the emotions of your day. My main goal is to artfully record the real emotion and authentic moments of your day that tells your story in a visually perfect way throughout your album. From the planned to the spontaneous, from your getting ready to the send off, I'm there to capture it all and I'm always looking for ways to incorporate creativity throughout your day.

If you are looking for a Florence Wedding Photographer, or wedding photography services anywhere else in the world, I would love to speak with you about your vision for your day. Contact me today so we can get to know one another better. Use the form below to schedule your consultation in person or by phone.

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Micca & Rikki R.

“Heather is the one to go to. She is fabulous!”

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