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This Isn't Your Typical Senior Session

Tired of boring? Want something different than everyone else? You found the right photographer! The 'sit in front of a camera and say cheese' type of photography is wonderful to document a persons appearance at any given time in their life, however it leaves out the most important element... their personality. When you look back at your senior's photos, I want you to see them, not just what they looked like. So I do things a little different. All Senior Sessions are custom tailored to the seniors interests, hobbies, and/or asperations during this exciting season of their life. I document who they are, inside and out. Your senior is about to rock the world, let's give them senior photos that showcase that!


Senior Session packages begin at $199. I offer packages that fit any budget along with beautiful, professional quality photo products that will last for generations to come. Please Click here for a complete list of packages.

Favorite Products for Seniors:

8x8 Acrylic Album: Simply astonishing with a striking edge-to-edge acrylic cover. Each album comes standard with an acrylic-plated cover with your choice of five available options. Choose any option from a one-third acrylic strip to a full-cover pop.

Crystal Clear Acrylic Wall Art: Modern, sleek & undeniably gorgeous

Trifolio: A tri-fold centerpiece with the look, feel, and quality of our Photo Albums. Stands up beautifully on it's own to showcase all three photos and can be folded to highlight only one photo. Looks gorgeous on a shelf, table or mantle.

See Keepsakes page for more.

Ready to rock & create something amazing? Have Questions?

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